Experience. Compassion. Results.

Calgary couples therapist, Sig Taylor, with over 30 years experience and 20,000 counselling sessions under his belt can help you dramatically improve your relationship.

He is an internationally acclaimed relationship counselling expert and has been featured on  CBC, Reader’s Digest, Macleans, Elle Magazine, Zoomer magazine, The Globe & Mail, Calgary Herald, Wedding Bells Magazine and most recently on the Valentine’s edition of Kim’s Kitchen.

Sig is known for his wisdom and compassion – but most importantly, he is known for getting results – helping couples avoid unnecessary divorce.  The cost of divorce is far reaching – emotional, financial, impact on children, etc. The decision to divorce will affect not only you and your children but it will affect your family for generations to come. Although it may appear in the moment that separating is the best solution, in many cases this solution inevitably becomes a much bigger long term problem –  children’s mental health, conflicted custody issues, huge legal fees,  blended family issues, etc. When you consider the fact that most marital issues are SOLVABLE, doesn’t it make sense to get expert assistance for your relationship before proceeding with separation?

Choosing an experienced and properly trained relationship counsellor could be one of the most important decisions of your lifetime. Marital counselling is a highly complex and specialized field of practice. The reality is that many counsellors are inexperienced and inadequately trained in this area. Therefore, choose carefully.

What you will get,
when you work with Sig:
  • an initial consultation that includes feedback & recommendations.
  • a comprehensive relationship assessment to ensure solutions are specific to your situation.
  • a “Couples Tool Box” full of practical strategies, skills and solutions.


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