#4: Blame: “The Kiss of Death”

Although this is “# 4” in my series of Relationship Essentials, it really should be NUMBER 1. Studies show that blaming your partner is by far the most damaging, toxic thing that couples do. It’s also one of the major reasons that marriage/couples counselling is ineffective. As long as couples continue to blame each other, the…
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#3: Remember Why You’re Married

There’s a lot of reasons to get married and stay married. The fact is happily married people are healthier, live longer (on average 4 years), get sick 35% less, make more  money and their children do significantly better in life. Author, Julia Espey,  offers some stunning information about children raised in single parent homes: – 71% of teen aged…
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#2: Stay Connected – The Couples Daily Check-In

Don’t wait for Valentines Day to get connected! Stay connected daily. Last month I talked about friendship being the most important key to couples relationship success and how checking in with each other every day is a vital part of nurturing your couple bond. Studies show that successful couples have a habit of at least…
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#1: Take Back Your Marriage

Greetings for 2011 and welcome to my Relationship Success Essentials newsletter! Let’s get our year and our relationship off to a great start by discussing the most important relationship success factor first. In my seminars, when I ask the audience, “why do you think marriages fail?” The number #1 reason cited by far is “poor communication.”…
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