Why do we have so much relationship distress at Christmas time?

Reflections on the holidays… Some people absolutely love Christmas, it’s the most magical time of the year. If this is you, you may not want to read further. For others, Christmas can be a tough time and I’ve been reflecting on the reasons for this. It struck me that this is a time unlike any…
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Zoomer Magazine – Midlife Crisis – August, 2015

Zoomer Magazine – Midlife Crisis – August, 2015 November 9, 2015 By Sig Taylor (Edit) Zoomer Magazine – August, 2015 “Crisis, What Crisis?” by Lisa Bendall You think your mate is having a mid-life crisis. Out of the blue, they announce they’re getting tattoos. Or buying a luxury boat. Or quitting a longtime accountant job…
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Love is a feeling…marriage is a contract…relationships take WORK!

I’ve talked before about how relationships often devolve from being love based to being needs-based contracts – the “scorecard.” I think it’s crucial that couples realize that “marriage” is a contract, a legal institution that historically has had little, if anything, to do with love. It’s only been about 200 years that men and women…
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Best financial advice for retirement…

“Stay married to the same person. I did not do this and it altered my financial position irrevocably. Divorce, in the long run, is the most expensive decision you’ll ever make. So is selling your house and dividing the assets after the split. Or paying alimony. Or keeping two homes for your children. Or having…
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# 11 – Mindfulness: Sig Taylor Speaking at the Unity Church of Calgary this Sunday, Feb. 2, 2014; 10AM

I’ll be speaking again at the The Unity Church of Calgary this Sunday, February 2, 10AM on the topic of “presence and mindfulness” in relationships. Many couples could avoid a marriage counsellor or therapy if they practiced this one habit. My clients are often surprised when I remind them of the simple and profound importance…
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