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There’s a lot of reasons to get married and stay married. The fact is happily married people are healthier, live longer (on average 4 years), get sick 35% less, make more  money and their children do significantly better in life.

Author, Julia Espey,  offers some stunning information about children raised in single parent homes:

– 71% of teen aged pregnancies come from single parent homes
– 71% of chemical addictions come from single parent homes.
– 80% of inmates came from single parent homes.

You can find a lot more reasons to be married in the excellent book, The Case for Marriage: Why Married People Are Happier, Healthier, and Better Off Financially by Maggie Gallagher and Linda Waites. The operative word here is “happily married.” Studies also show that unhappy couples are significantly less happy than those who remain single.

40% of couples in Canada will divorce and that number is significantly higher in the United States. That’s a lot of unhappy campers. Worse yet, 80% of couples that get divorced never seek counselling and of the 20% that do seek counselling, they wait for at least 6 years. By the time couples get into counselling, things are often so bad that saving the marriage can be difficult or impossible.

These days, getting divorced has become the norm and perhaps even trendy. Of course what people are really striving for is happiness and they believe that the solution is to get divorced and find a new partner.  Sadly this strategy often backfires. Second and third marriages have an even higher rate of failure because we carry our relationship habits with us into the next relationship. It’s like getting a new car but your driving habits remain the same.

“Studies show that 75% of couples in long-term committed relationships are not very happy together.”

Consider this –  if nearly half of the couples getting married end up divorced, how happy are the couples that don’t get divorced? A large percentage of couples stay together because they are negatively committed, that is, they stay in unhappy marriages because of all of the bad things they believe will happen if they get divorced – concerns about children, financial issues, religious beliefs, fear of being alone, etc.

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