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Over the years in my practice, I’ve been  noticing that more and more couples are experiencing sexual  problems. In fact, I’ve found that even when couples  improve their communication and connection, many of them  still experience sexual dysfunction. I’ve come to  realize that sometimes one (or both) of the partners may  have a sex addiction issue that is at the heart of  the problem. When this is happening,  the  other partner is often confused and feels sexually  rejected, not realizing their partner is directing their  sexual energy elsewhere (pornography, cybersex, chat  rooms, massage parlours, prostitution,  etc.)   Make no mistake, sex addiction is as real as  drug and alcohol addiction. The same addiction processes  occur in the brain.

Sex addiction is a SERIOUS problem  in today’s society, due in large part of the Internet.  The internet has made pornography accessible, affordable  and anonymous. Cybersex has been coined the “crack  cocaine of sex addiction.” People who would not  otherwise be prone to addiction (those that don’t have a  background of trauma, “non-addict profile”) can “get  hooked” in the same way that “non-addict” individuals  can get addicted very quickly to cocaine.

Here are the some of the basic  characteristics of sex addiction:

  1. Compulsive behaviour that completely dominates the  addict’s life.
  2. Sex becomes a priority more  important than family, friends, and work.
  3. Sex  becomes the organizing principle of the addict’s life.
  4. The addict is willing to sacrifice what he/she  cherishes most in order to preserve and continue his/her  unhealthy behaviour.
  5. The addict uses sexuality to  regulate their emotional life.
  6. Sexuality is used as a  pain reliever or a way to relieve anxiety.
  7. The addict will do  things that are dangerous, exploitive, and will cause  shame afterwards.
  8. The addict feels lonely and  non-intimate.
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I’m  currently training to become a Certified Sex  Addiction Therapist (CSAT), and I’m offering my clients a wide variety of powerful tools and  techniques to address this life and relationship damaging addiction.