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Stampede & Infidelity…..what you need to do now?

Calgary Stampede is really like a 10 Day Office Christmas Party in Mexico with your co-workers.  At least at the Christmas party, it’s only 4 hours…to embarrass yourself and have regrets!  For many, it’s a “permission to behave badly playground” that happens once a year – it’s a set up to “cut loose” so to speak.

People came from all over the world to see the sites, be part of the “special Stampede party experience” and have sex!  At every Stampede party it happened….people partying without their spouse……

  • meeting a bunch of new people;
  • with lots of alcohol flowing freely;
  • with dancing, flirting and lots of sexy, lewd behavior going on.

People are “incognito,” dressed up cowboy style in sexy blue jeans and during this hot spell…skimpy tops so you can’t tell who’s the CEO and who’s the office clerk…it’s an even playing field.

A lot of affairs happen over Stampede and if it’s happened to you and your spouse has found out then “GET HELP RIGHT AWAY!” Don’t wait!  Things will typically get worse without professional assistance.

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