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Just like the U.S. government (and many others of course including ours) unhappy couples often “kick the can down the road” and avoid the pain and inconvenience of either separating or “rolling up their sleeves” and doing the necessary work to get their marriage on track. Either way, there’s a price to be paid – pay now or pay later. How long has your relationship been in “status quo” mode and what’s the price you’re paying for it?  Relationship conflict? Dead sex life? Loneliness? Living like room-mates? An exercise I recommend is to get out a sheet of paper and write down the costs and benefits of maintaining the status quo. Draw a line down the middle of the page and list the benefits (eg., avoiding conflict/pain, stability for kids, financial, fear, etc.) If you’re not sure what the status quo is, it’s how your relationship is now and how it’s likely been for a long time. If you’d like to assess your relationship, I suggest you take my 30 second couples relationship assessment – 30 second Marriage Assessment/Couples Quiz.