“Stay married to the same person. I did not do this and it altered my financial position irrevocably. Divorce, in the long run, is the most expensive decision you’ll ever make. So is selling your house and dividing the assets after the split. Or paying alimony. Or keeping two homes for your children. Or having children with different spouses. Or starting from scratch with a new love interest whose assets may not resemble your own.” – Joyce Wayne

Studies show that happily married people live longer and are healthier. Moreover, staying married to same person also makes great financial sense. Of course, being HAPPILY MARRIED is the key. Studies also show that unhappily married couples are significantly less happy than single people. Instead of divorcing or enduring an unhappy status quo in your marriage; poor communication, conflict, etc., do something to make it better. FIX IT! The reality is that MOST DIVORCES ARE UNNECESSARY. Good couples counselling and therapy can help turn things around for the better.  Over 30 years of scientific research has made it very clear what successful couples do that unsuccessful couples don’t. Why not learn good relationship habits skills so that you can enjoy the benefits of a happy marriage, children… and LIFE?

From “Living in retirement: Seven things I wish I could tell my 35-year-old self” By Joyce Wayne: http://www.theglobeandmail.com/globe-investor/personal-finance/retirement-rrsps/living-in-retirement-seven-things-i-wish-i-could-tell-my-35-year-old-self/article16429873/