I’ll be giving a another talk and a workshop at the Unity Church on Sunday morning,  February 8. The workshop below will be offered in the afternoon.

To win in love, you must lose the scorecard…

“In relationships, what matters most is love. The rest is negotiable.”

Keeping score in relationships doesn’t work. The only marriages that are truly happy are ones based on love. When the infatuation of a new relationship begins to fade, couples often start focusing on their own needs and the toxic habit of score-keeping begins. It usually happens slowly at first but it inevitably leads to conflict, unhappiness and often divorce. Score-keeping is the exact opposite of love. Love is really about the OTHER, that is, making your partner’s needs more important than your own sometimes. When you truly love someone, you WANT to make them happy and you want to bring out the best in them. Are you bringing out the best or the worst in your partner? In this workshop, you’ll learn practical skills, tools and strategies that are guaranteed to make your partner (and you) happier. You’ll find out how to create a love-based relationship that is filled with lasting joy and satisfaction.