The answer is YES, however  most couples in distress need the help of a competent marital therapist.

Studies show that the majority (upwards of 80%) of couples that get divorced don’t go to counselling or get any outside assistance. Of the 20% that do get help, they wait 6 years before making an appointment. It’s understandable that couples try to work things out themselves. Marriage counselling can be emotionally uncomfortable, inconvenient and expensive. However, compared to getting a divorce it’s the best bargain in town.

If you believe that your marriage may be in trouble, don’t delay the decision to take action. If you’re reading this you’ve no doubt been trying to work things out on your own and if you’re like many couples  talking about your issues often makes it worse, not better.  This is because talking when you’re upset triggers reactivity – patterns of criticism, defensiveness and withdrawal. The more you talk the worse it gets. Couples in this situation need a safe and neutral place to open up with each other and begin to deal effectively with the issues.  Get the right professional to help you save your marriage. At the very least, call or email now to arrange an initial consultation and I’ll give you a road map to restoring your relationship. Most couples are relieved when they see a clear and coherent path forward.

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