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Phone counselling alternative to in-office therapy


Unlike other forms of counseling, telephone counseling is potentially free of certain constraining factors that affect traditional therapy, including geography, time duration, and cost, making this form of counseling more accessible for a number of people who would be unable to attend traditional psychotherapy. It also provides a degree of anonymity that is comforting to some callers, reducing the intimidation that some people may feel at the prospect of seeking treatment with a traditional in-person therapist and encouraging disclosure. Also research shows telephone counseling to have better results among patients with depression.


Being physically present with a counsellor may help you feel more connected to them; the phone may contribute to “distance” in the therapeutic relationship. Some people feel safer letting themselves become emotional in the physical presence of another person. Location of client’s day-to-day life may interfere with the ability to focus during the session.

Phone counseling is not appropriate for people who are homicidal, suicidal, self injuring, or requiring more care than one session per week.