Studies show that couples who practice mindfulness feel more secure and stable in their relationships. Now you can get online mindfulness training in my new 10 week program! The cost is drastically reduced and it’s just as effective as one-on-one counselling.
Mindfulness Training – 10 Week Online Class
I’ve been offering Mindfulness Integrated Cognitive Behavioural Therapy (MiCBT) for over 3 years and the results have been remarkable. This model combines traditional mindfulness training with modern Cognitive Behavioural Therapy.  Mindfulness involves paying attention to each event experienced in the present moment within our body and mind, with a non-judgmental, non-reactive and accepting attitude. In learning to be mindful, we can begin to counter many of our everyday sufferings such as stress, anxiety and depression because we are learning to experience events in a more impersonal and detached way.
  • reduced stress and anxiety
  • better sleep
  • less “reactive” habits (anger, irritability, “being on edge,” etc.)
  • increased confidence
  • reduced social anxiety
  • enhanced well being

Online Class Starts Wednesday, January 29, 7:30-9PM. Special Introductory Price: $795/person. Limited Space! More information: or call 403-237-7501.