Couples Private 2-Day Intensive: In-Person in Calgary or Victoria

Do you want (need) to make a BIG change in your relationship FAST?


Are you ready to transform the quality of your life?

Do you feel your relationship may be on the brink? Are weekly appointments difficult to arrange? Even though you want to, do you find it challenging (impossible) to make your relationship a priority? Are you stuck in the same old rut?

If this sounds like your relationship, then the couple’s intensive MAY BE FOR YOU. A good question to ask is, “If things don’t change, where is your relationship headed?”

Here are some of the tools and skills you’ll get from the couple’s intensive:

  • 12 hours of in-person couples coaching and guidance from Sig.
  • The Feedback Wheel. Use conflict to strengthen your relationship.
  • The Time-Out protocol. Prevent damaging emotional escalations.
  • Use Internal psychological boundaries to to protect your partner and yourself.
  • Identify the 5 Losing Strategies and shift to the 5 Winning Strategies.
  • Use the Dialogue Guide to feel heard and understood by your partner.
  • Explore and heal deeper patterns and issues originating from your family of origin.
  • And much more!